Entertainment and Stage Lighting

ODL is present in the entertainment and stage lighting technology with all its experience of high level manufacturer of products for light managing.
The technical staff stays aside the customer from the very first moment of the design of any new equipment.
In that way ODL has become the optical partner of the outmost world companies in this field.
ODL in fact, provides dichroic colour filters for CYM and RGB systems on borosilicate glass able to withstand extremely high temperature and sudden thermal shocks.
Additional coating to reflect heat back are available coupled with the colour filters or standing alone as heat reflection filter.
Moreover, the infrared (IR) radiation responsible for the heat generation calls for special cold light mirrors coatings on the glass reflectors that are mostly used with discharge lamps and halogen lamps.
The combined effect of the heat reflection filter that reflects the heat back and the cold mirror that selectively reflects the light and transmits the heat behind it, allows to use higher power lamps lowering the risk of damage or breaking.

The UV radiation component of the light source, can be also eliminated by putting in front of it, an UVBlock filter.
The line of the products offered for the entertainment and stage light world includes the colour temperature conversion filters that give to the user the chance to modify the colour temperature of the light source making possible the creation of all the effects that the light manager may need.
Customised and standard dichroic gobos are currently manufactured to personalise the machine or to outline any theater and TV sceneries, to celebrate events, conventions and conferences, to create special effects in shows and concerts.
The offer of ODL is completed by the antireflection coating that can be even deposited on to the customer’s lenses