Medical Lighting

For medical diagnosis and surgical operating purposes a well defined light beam has to be provided to the lit area.

The technical requirements concerning intensity, colour temperature, spacial distribution and heat management impose a great effort in putting together all the components forming the lamp.

ODL with their physical vapour deposition process of metal oxides on glass or on polycarbonate reflectors, offers the best cold light mirror coating with a specific anti reflection coating with more than 92% reflection of the visible radiation of the lamp source and an almost total IR radiation transmitted through the substrate.
This keeps the working area cooler with the best comfort for the patient and the highest efficiency for the physician.

Specific colour temperature conversion filters can also be provided to help the surgeon to easily distinguish tissues and blood vases.
The addition of heat reflection filters in front of the lamp contributes to lower the temperature in the working zone.

Whenever necessary UVBlock filters are also available to stop the UV radiation emitted by some sources.

Typical are the dentists and surgical applications.