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ODL is based in Brembate di Sopra a small town close to Milano in the northern part of Italy. From the beginning ODL pointed the efforts to the design, the manufacture and the sales of optical filters and accessories in the NIR, VIS and UV field.
The area covered by the works is more than 2,000 square meters with more than 50 people employed.

The Research and Development team, composed by specialised physicists and engineers, is involved in designing new products, upgrading the existing processes and assisting the customer to meet specific needs and requests for any application.

The technology used by ODL to produce its dichroic filters and coatings consists in the under vacuum deposition of oxide films of thickness in the range of few nanometers. The means used are both the electron beam evaporation and the sputtering.

In this last technique ODL has set up a proprietary deposition process by which a highly degree of uniformity of the coating is reached even on no flat surface of the substrates.

The production facility is equipped with three electron beam gun evaporation systems and three high volume –high throughput sputtering equipment working regularly on three shifts; all of them are computer driven and controlled.

The substrates used by ODL are, in most of the cases, borosilicate glass (especially for flat filters and reflectors), soda lime (for reflectors for architecural lighting applications) and tempered glass (mainly supplied by the customer himself).

Due to the extreme cleanliness required by the coating processes, the substrates are submitted to an accurate washing/drying procedure.

The materials to be deposited on the substrates and the gases used in production are at the top of the purity standard.

The Sales Department is able to work aside the customer's technical personnel and on direct contact with the strategic department of the client companies due to the customisation most of the time requested. The team is composed by marketing and sales managers and a skilled backoffice assistancy that takes care of the customer requirements and orders processing in the spirit of the company mission.

The action of the sales team is oriented to an open partnership with the customers to render available the know-how of 20 years of activity in design, production and distribution of dichroic filters.