Due to the fact that our products have a great technological content, ODL sales organisation is oriented to the close contact with the strategic division of the client companies.
Therefore all the commercial activity (products specifications discussion, offers proposals, order processing and customer care) is managed directly by ODL sales organisation in Italy.

The team is composed by marketing and sales managers supported by a skilled assistancy for administration of sales and customer service.

Doing so and as a real interpretation of the mission of the company, our optical components, by following a specific selection or manufacturing phases, can become products dedicated to any end user.

The action of our sales team is therefore oriented to set up a partnership in order to share ODL know-how in all the life cycle phases of the customer product, optimisation of costs and competitivity of the products.
This implies: the definition of the components specifications during the first phase of the design process, a careful prototyping results evaluation, a continuous assistance during the production start-up and maintenance.