News - Italy Innovation Forum Venue

On last Tuesday the 14th November in Beijing (China) at the ITALY INNOVATION FORUM VENUE that has been hold at the Jianguo International Convention Center, the General manager of ODL, has been invited to give a lecture on the device for the analysis on food contaminants and allergens in liquid matrix set up with the researchers of Proxentia, whose ODL is partner.

The technology, highly innovative, on which the device has been designed gives the chance to determine the concentration of several species at the same time in few tens of minutes without any preparation of the sample.

The applications, in addition to the food safety, could be agriculture, veterinary and human health.

The contribution that this analyzer gives to the field of the food safety is great and the success obtained by the presentation of Cesare, the questions put by the audience and the contacts made during the event, give the dimension of the interest that this kind of device has sparking in China during this days of the CHINA-ITALY SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION WEEK 2017.

ODL, Proxentia and Vason, a company worldwide leader in solutions for winemaking, are partner in the project STEFY (Sensor Technology for Food analysis) funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program.