Optical Deposition Laboratory


Advanced technology
for optical applications

ODL company

The history of ODL (Optical Deposition Laboratory) begins in 1987 with the foundation of a research laboratory by two physicists in Bergamo (Italy) having years of experience in the thin film coating technology for optical applications.

Today, ODL has grown into an international high-tech enterprise, with advanced equipment and 40 high skilled professionals working in a dynamic and customer-oriented organization, with offices in Italy and China.

In 2006, the company opened a branch in Guangzhou (China) devoted to products cutting and shaping finishing for Asian customers who require Made in Italy products that meet the specific requirements of their local markets.

The production capability is over 900 sqm of glass coating per month.

Through its projects ODL operates in 5 continents.

What we do

ODL (Optical Deposition Laboratory) designs, manufactures and sells a complete line of dichroic filters products.

Our sales department, supported by the technical division, is able to support our customers to meet the specific needs and requirements for any kind of application.


  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Dichroic colour filters
  • Cold light mirrors
  • Heat reflection filters
  • UVBlock filters
  • Colour temperature conversion filters
  • Customised products
  • UV mirror


  • Entertainment & Stage Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Medical Lighting
  • Food & Shop Lighting
  • Fiber Optics
  • Airfield Lighting & Railway Signaling
  • Scientific and Industrial Applications


ODL S.r.l.

Via G. Terzi di S. Agata, 17
24030 Brembate di Sopra
Bergamo - Italy


+39 035 332213

ODL (Guangzhou) Optical Coatings Ltd.

8/F, South Part, No. 231 Kaifa Avenue, No. 52 Jinxiu Road
Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone, Huangpu District
Guangzhou 510730, P.R.China


+86 20 82218376